Guangzhou Lecko Smart Houseware Co., Ltd.
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——Air Fryer Manufacturer
Guangzhou Lecko Smart Houseware Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of SunGlory Group(specialists of production lines ). Guangzhou Lecko Smart Houseware Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Sun Glory Group (specialized in cookware production line). We have more than 50 staffs in Guangzhou Headquarter and 300 staffs in our factory, including our own designers and technical specialists. And have over 13 years of experiences in manufacturing and exporting electric air fryers. Our QC team will make sure the integrity of your goods before shipment and technical teams will take care of any after-sales service. We surely will be your best cooperation partner.

As one of the best kitchen appliance manufacturing companies in china, Lecko is dedicated to R&D, design and manufacture of various smart air fryers, they are 100% food-safe grade, comply with European and American food safety standards, we have rich experience in OEM & ODM services, and our R&D team is able to form more than 450 pieces of new product design solutions every year.


With our outstanding R&D and design capabilities, good product quality and cost performance, and fast product delivery, we have gained recognition and established more stable relationships with international brand owners and large supermarkets. We have also helped many startups grow together and help them profit from their projects. Please contact us for bulk orders smart AIR FRYERS.